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International Programs staff at Green River College are committed to your success and making sure you have the best possible experience studying in the U.S.

Choosing to study abroad is an important decision. What makes Green River College International Programs different from other college programs is our staff. We have over 100 staff dedicated to making sure you have a great experience in the U.S. If you have any questions regarding admissions, visa, housing, majors, classes, and/or student life, please email us. We are here to help.


International Programs Advising Staff

Photo of Adam Beals

Adam Beals

Director of Advising

Advises:欧洲杯买彩票 Social Sciences, Humanities, Bachelor degree programs

Meet Adam
Photo of Alan Nguyen

Alan Nguyen

International Student Adviser

Advises: Information Technology, Psychology, and Business students whose last name starts with M-Z

Meet Alan
Photo of Andrew Turgeon

Andrew Turgeon

International Student Adviser

Advises:欧洲杯买彩票 Engineering (Bio/Chem), Math, Science, Communications, International Relations, Health, and Undecided

Meet Andrew
Beth Carter, Intensive English Advisor

Beth Carter

Intensive English Advisor

Meet Beth
photo of Kerry Kwon

Kerry Kwon

International Student Adviser

Advises: Aviation, Computer Science, Engineering (Aero/Civil/Comp/Elec/Indus/Mech)

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Photo of Zach Williams

Zack Williams

International Student Adviser

Advises:欧洲杯买彩票 Art, Design, and Business majors (including accounting and economics) for last names beginning A-K

Meet Zack


International Programs Admissions Staff

Photo of Alexa Plourde

Alexa Plourde

Admissions Officer

欧洲杯买彩票I-20s, Tuition, Insurance, Invoice

Meet Alexa
Dana McCauley, International Business Assistant

Dana McCauley

Int'l Business Assistant

Tuition, insurance, invoices

Meet Dana
Margarita “Rita” Conger, Admissions

Margarita Conger

Admissions Officer

I-20s, Tuition, Insurance, Invoice

Meet Rita
Photo of Nancy Kremer

Nancy Kremer


International Student Services and Business Operations

Meet Nancy
Photo of Oksana Knyaz

Oksana Knyaz

International Business Manager

欧洲杯买彩票Regional contact for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Meet Oksana

High School Completion and FFS

欧洲杯买彩票International Programs staff for High School Completion and Foundation for Success (Peer Mentoring)

Photo of Erica Swenson

Erica Swenson

Erica Swenson

International High School Completion Program Coordinator

Meet Erica
Photo of Mary Butcher

Mary Butcher

Mary Butcher

欧洲杯买彩票Foundation for Success and High School Completion Manager

Meet Mary
Photo of Seth Deister

Seth Deister

Seth Deister

欧洲杯买彩票FFS Program Coordinator

Meet Seth


欧洲杯买彩票International Programs Housing Staff

Photo of Cyndi Rapier

Cyndi Rapier

Director of Student Housing

Emergency Contact: 253-740-8422

Meet Cyndi
Photo of Emilee Findley

Emilee Findley

Housing Assistant

Meet Emilee
Photo of Jingzhu Jude Guo

Jingzhu "Jude" Guo

Housing Assistant

Meet Jingzhu
Photo of Theresa Torell

Theresa Torell

Housing Assistant

My goal is to provide support, understanding and guidance to our students and Host families.

Meet Theresa

Intensive English

Intensive English Program Staff

Ann DeHeide, Intensive English Instructor

Ann DeHeide


Teaches levels 3 & 4.

Meet Ann
Beth Carter, Intensive English Advisor

Beth Carter

Intensive English Advisor

Meet Beth
Elizabeth DeLongo, Intensive English Instructor

Elizabeth Delongo


Teaches levels 4 & 5.

Meet Elizabeth
Emily Paget, Intensive English Instructor

Emily Paget


Teaches levels 3 & 4.

Meet Emily
Hannah Berry Chee, Intensive English Instructor

Hannah Berry-Chee


欧洲杯买彩票Teaches level 5.

Meet Hannah
Gary Peitsch, Intensive English Instructor

Gary Peitsch


欧洲杯买彩票Teaches levels 1,2 & 3.

Meet Gary
Michael Manzer, Intensive English Instructor

Michael Manzer


Teaches level 5.

Meet Michael
Michelle Medvedeff, Intensive English Instructor

Michelle Medvedeff


Teaches level 5.

Meet Michelle
Patrick Mumpower, Intensive English Instructor

Patrick Mumpower


欧洲杯买彩票Teaches levels 4.

Meet Patrick
Regina Terpay, Intensive English Coordinator

Regina Terpay

IEP Program Manager

Meet Regina
Renate Sorg, Intensive English Instructor

Renate Sorg


欧洲杯买彩票Teaches level 5.

Meet Renate
Susan Bachelor Intensive English Instructor

Susan Bachelor


欧洲杯买彩票Teaches levels 1 & 2.

Meet Susan
Tim McDaniel, Intensive English Instructor

Tim McDaniel


欧洲杯买彩票Teaches level 3.

Meet Tim
Dr. Vivette Beuster, Associate Dean of Intensive English Program and Extended Learning

Dr. Vivette Beuster

Associate Dean of IEP & EL

Associate Dean of Intensive English Program and Extended Learning

Meet Vivette


International Programs Recruitment Staff

Photo of Wendy Stewart

Wendy Lee Stewart

VP of International Programs

Contact for EF

Meet Wendy
Photo of Alvin Tai

Alvin Tai

Dir. International Outreach

Regional contact for Burma, Hong Kong, Nepal, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Meet Alvin
Photo of Lansing Bryan

Lansing Bryan

Digital Marketing Manager

Regional Contact for Western Europe.

Meet Lansing
Photo of Marc Milsten

Marc Milsten

Intl Marketing Regional Dir.

Regional Contact for Africa and area private high schools

Meet Marc
Photo of Martha Koch

Martha Koch

Student Activities Manager

欧洲杯买彩票Regional contact for Germany

Meet Martha
Photo Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre

Marketing & Agency Development

Partner's Newsletter

Meet Mike
Photo of Ross Jennings

Ross Jennings

Sr. Dir. of Intl. Education

Regional contact for China.

Meet Ross
Photo of Stephanie Scoby

Stephanie Scoby

Senior Director

International Outreach and Marketing

Regional contact for Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Meet Stephanie
Photo of Oksana Knyaz

Oksana Knyaz

International Business Manager

Regional contact for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Meet Oksana
Photo of Tawnya McLavey

Tawnya McLavey

Manager of Visitors Programs

Visitors Program


Meet Tawnya

Student Life

International Programs Student Life Staff

Jennifer Joy, International Recreation Coordinator

Jennifer Joy

Int'l Recreation Coordinator

Meet Jennifer
Photo of John Spurgin

John Spurgin

Intl. Activities Assistant

Meet John
Photo of Martha Koch

Martha Koch

Student Activities Manager

Regional contact for Germany

Meet Martha
Photo of Monica Exum

Monica Exum

Intl. Activities Assistant

Meet Monica

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